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Aircraft Ferry Specialists are leaders in fixed wing aircraft ferrying and deliveries both domestically and internationally. Whether you have just purchased a new or used airplane, thinking about a purchase, need an aircraft moved for maintenance, certification or for any other reason, we are here to help. 

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Aircraft Ferry Services

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Demonstration Flights

Any Aircraft, Anywhere, Anytime

Aircraft Ferry Specialists’ Professional Pilots are experienced in performing Demonstration Flights, Maintainance Flights and Acceptance Flights in aircraft ranging from SEP and MEP (all Piper, Cessna, Diamond, Vulcanair, Tecnam etc.) and Turboprops (Cessna Caravan, Texas Turbines Supervan 900, Quest KodiakTwinOtter etc.) through to the CRJ 200/700/900/CL850, Embraer ERJ135/145/E175/195 and Airbus A320/321. Most of our pilots are also experienced Flight Instructors and can train new owners or Flight School instructors on your new purchase.

Ferry Pilots

Our Professionals


At Aircraft Ferry Specialists, we know how valuable your aircraft and your time is. We have a small select group of professional ferry pilots who are all actively working in the industry, hold Airline Transport Pilot Licences and have extensive experience delivering aircraft around the world from single and multi engine piston aircraft, through to turboprops, business and airliner jets.

All our Pilots hold ATPL licences and current instrument ratings to the highest standards. We have pilots licenced under the Australian CASA, PNG CASA, European EASA/JAR and American FAA systems covering the whole world. We are also able to easily obtain temporary validations in any country required.

Ferry Flights

Small sample of our Ferry Flights


Aircraft Ferry Specialists provides both Domestic and International Aircraft Ferrying using either Australian made Turtle Pac collapsible aircraft ferry tanks or custom designed ferry tanks for a safe, reliable, professional and hassle free trip.

Aircraft Ferry Specialists is proud to exclusively use White Rose Aviation, the industry leading specialists in overflight flight clearance, landing permits, diplomatic clearances, worldwide flight planning, & ground handling.

Below is a small selection of photos from some of our recent Aircraft Ferry Flights:

de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter from Houston, USA to Vientiane, Laos

  • Aircraft-Ferry-Flight-USA-Twin-Otter
  • USA-Aircraft-Ferry
  • Ferry-Fuel-Tanks
  • Montreal-Aircraft-Ferry
  • Canada-Aircraft-Ferry
  • Aircraft-Delivery-Greenland-Flight
  • Greenland-Delivery-Flight
  • Greenland-Aircraft-Ferry-Flight
  • Twin-Otter-Cockpit
  • Iceland-Aircraft-Ferry
  • Laos-Aircraft-Ferry

Embraer ERJ-145 from Warsaw, Poland to Brisbane, Australia

  • ERJ145-Aircraft-Ferry
  • ERJ145Ferry-Flight-Delivery
  • ERJ145-Cockpit
  • ERJ145-Pescara-Ferry-Flight
  • ERJ145-Dubai-Ferry-Flight
  • ERJ145-Singapore-Ferry-Flight
  • ERJ145-India-Ferry-Flight
  • ERJ145-Delivery-Flight
  • ERJ145-Ferry-Flight-Singapore
  • ERJ145-Cloncurry-Ferry-Flight

Embraer EMB-170 from Exeter, England to Kansas City, USA

  • EMB170-Aircraft-Ferry
  • Exeter-Aircraft-Ferry
  • EMB170-Aircraft-Delivery
  • Iceland-Aircraft-Ferry
  • Greenland-Ferry-FMS
  • Greenland-Aircraft-Ferry
  • Goose-Bay-Ferry-Flight
  • Chicago-Ferry-Flight

Britten Norman BN-2 Islander Ferry Flight from Gaborone, Botswana to Cairns, Australia

  • Ferry Flight Route
  • Botswana Aircraft Ferry
  • Aircraft Ferry Tanks
  • Aircraft Ferry Africa
  • Seychelles Ferry Flight
  • Seychelles AVGAS Ferry Flight
  • Aircraft Ferry Maldives
  • Maldives Aircraft Delivery Flight
  • Sri Lanks Ferry Flight
  • Sri Lanka Aircraft Delivery
  • KL Ferry Flight
  • Indonesia Aircraft Ferry
  • Indonesia Ferry Flight AVGAS
  • Ferry Flight Sunset
  • Aircraft Ferry Ocean Crossing

Piper Chieftain PA-31-530 Ferry Flight from Cranfield, UK to Scone, Australia

  • VH-SIK-Ferry-Flight
  • UK-Ferry-Flight
  • Germany-Aircraft-Refueling
  • Dubrovnik-AVGAS
  • Flying-Alps
  • Rhodes-AVGAS
  • Aqaba-Refueling
  • Aqaba-Aircraft-Ferry
  • Saudi-Arabia-Ferry
  • Riyadh-Ferry
  • Riyadh-AVGAS
  • India-AVGAS
  • Chiang-Mai-Ferry
  • Jakarta-AVGAS
  • Birdsville-AVGAS

Two CRJ-700’s Delivered to a new customer from the paint shop in Roswell NM, USA

  • CRJ Ferry Flight

  • CRJ700 Delivery Flight

  • Bombardier Canadair CRJ Ferry Flight

  • 2 x CRJ-700 Delivered


Inclusions & Exclusions


  • All quotes include the following Standard Inclusions:

    • Positioning and return flights for the pilot
    • All fuel and oil
    • Ferry tank installation
    • All overflight & landing permits/clearances paid at airport
    • All flight planning and weather
    • Jeppesen maps/charts/approach plates
    • All landing fees, overnight parking fees, handling fees (where compulsory), route/nav charges
    • All visas as required
    • All meals and budget accomodation
    • Pilot’s fees for each flying day only
    • Up to 3 days delays due to weather/clearances/maintenance/other circumstances out of our control
    • Pilot travel insurance
    • Use of backup handheld GPS & aviation moving maps
    • Use of backup HF radio
    • Use of required life raft and life jackets including expensive Dangerous Goods Shipping
  • All quotes do not include (items which must be arranged/covered by yourself:

    • Aircraft insurance premiums or excesses
    • Aircraft export/import clearances as required
    • Unforeseen delays over 3 days or delays because the aircraft is not ready for the flight
    • Any major mechanical repair costs
    • Landing or enroute fees that are billed later (we do fly VFR where possible to save enroute charges)
  • With all of our flights, we always thoroughly complete my research and due diligence in order to provide the client with the most economical, up to date costs and avoid unnecessary delays and cost blowouts. For example, we recently quoted a client for a flight to New Zealand and informed them that our quote had to include a ferry tanking system as there was no AVGAS in Norfolk Island. A complacent, well known competitor who had flown the route many times before failed to put in the required research and last I heard, they were stuck with the client’s aircraft in Norfolk Island with no AVGAS as they had not taken any ferry tanks. Customers worldwide have come to realise our meticulous research in this regard and hence why the majority of our business is from personal recommendations.

    Please do not be fooled by competitors who provide significantly cheaper quotes and then bill for extra expenses along the way after departing. We are the opposite. You will never have to pay any extra in normal circumstances and almost always receive a refund at the end.

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Aircraft Ferry Specialists operate in every country around the world. We also have an aircraft charter network across Australia, Asia, Europe and USA. Our main bases are at the Corporate Jet aprons in:

  • Warsaw Airport, Poland EPWA
  • Ross Smith Avenue, Sydney Airport (Opposite McDonalds), Australia YSSY
  • Jacksons Parade, Port Moresby Airport, Papua New Guinea AYPY
  • Detroit MI, USA KDTW
  • Bucharest, Romania LRBS

Please feel free to send an email to:

For an obligation free quote or to make a flight booking, please call Kamil on +48 794 244 489 or Scott on +40 724 312 881.